flour + water takes care of getting you to the restaurant and returning you home.... Complimentary.
We are a responsible service alcohol establishment and value your business.
We will pick you up from your home / motel in style without the worrying about driving.
We will chauffeur you safely back home.

The fine print / rules.

Definition:- courtesy vehicle (data bank dictionary)
Free ride on a bus, car, or van provided by a vendor (flour + water restaurant) for its customers.

We are not a taxi service. There is a great local service run professionally in Mt Beauty. Their phone number direct is (03) 5754 4735

We will only pick you up and deliver you home. (while dining in our establishment) We refuse to take you to any other destination. (don't ask - it won't be happening)

We will not be making stops for you.....eg shops, liquor outlets. Dropping off at friends houses in either direction from our place of business.

We / our staff / agents cannot accept any payment (monetary / coupons) for transport to or from our place of business. It is a complimentary service. Tipping is discretionary.

You cannot what so ever bring your own alcohol into the vehicle for consumption.
We are a fully licensed restaurant, with off premises catering available.

Our courtesy vehicle service is subject to availability at the time of booking for your dining experience.

Our courtesy vehicle is serviced to the highest standards and carries full liability insurance.
Our drivers do not smoke. They do not consume alcohol while working their shifts. They are decent hard working people who will show you the utmost courtesy and expect the same.
We do not accept bad manner guests.
We reserve the right to terminate this service at our discretion at any time for any reason. We reserve the right to remove any person from our vehicle.
Our vehicle are satellite link, phone connected, and emergency contact facilities for our employees safety.

We reserve the right to use close circuit filming in all sections of the vehicle on a 96 hour time lag loop recording system. (don't forget to wave)

We will advise you of an estimate pick up / delivery time slot.

Guide dogs for sight impaired people welcome.
Disable people catered for.
Music selection can be pre ordered.
Be considerate- this should be common sense.
Just because you leave your home /Our restaurant, does not mean you void all responsibilities.
The Mirror ball is not for sale.

A true story...Heard on the way to the restaurant.....From the rear seat....
Wife to husband..... "Did you take out the garbage"
Husband to wife.... " why should I? You cooked it!

Enjoy our food, our service, we welcome your comments.
Yours in hospitality,
Andrew (rocky) Mahony

171 Kiewa Valley Highway
Between Tawonga &
Mt. Beauty
Phone: (03) 5754 4449

2pm till late 7 days a week in holiday periods
5 nights a week during non holiday periods all year round.
Look for our sign at the front of the restaurant "Open Tonight" or call for bookings.

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